A combined sample distribution was the eyecatcher in consumers' mailboxes... On the basis of its experience with product samples and successful joint direct marketing projects, Nestlé again instructed the Direct Mail Company with the launch of an attractive sample. 

With the slogan "This year the Three Kings have arrived before Santa Claus", a combined sample distribution comprising "Thomy Mayonnaise with Olive Oil", "Thomy Tartare Sauce" and "Thomy Tuna Mayonnaise" was carried out by the Direct Mail Company in November 2006.

The samples, miniatures of the original products, were delivered unaddressed through letterboxes in triple packs which took the form of a cardboard folder designed to look like an Advent calendar. The total weight of the sample, consisting of three tubes and a cardboard folder, came to 155g.

The attractive, (Christmas) seasonal sample was distributed to a total of 205,000 households in towns and conurbations in German-speaking Switzerland, and was the season's main eyecatcher in consumers' mailboxes. The attention level achieved and the feedback from customers further confirmed the effectiveness of this direct marketing campaign.