We have passed an important milestone in Denmark and said goodbye to Forbruger-Kontakt and welcome to our new name FK Distribution.

As of December 1, Forbruger-Kontakt has changed its name to FK Distribution, and we have also introduced a new logo and the slogan, “We Deliver – All the Way”. Forbruger-Kontakt was established in 1965, and we have tried to keep up to date and abreast of our customers’ requirements and expectations ever since. In recent years we have introduced mechanical packing in our terminals, and new IT tools have greatly improved the surveillance of and follow-up on the quality of distribution. These initiatives, together with the new slogan, will emphasise the core of our business. 

Our new name and slogan send the message that today we are a modern and professional distribution enterprise, working determinedly on creating high value for our customers. Furthermore, the introduction of a new name and slogan express our wish as a company to develop from solely distributing unaddressed printed matters and local newspapers into acting as advisers to the use of print advertising circulars.

Our new brand and logo symbolize tradition as well as innovation. Tradition because we are proud of our long experience and extensive expertise in distribution of printed matters and local newspapers – innovation because we will focus on becoming the favoured adviser to the use of print advertising circulars on the Danish market.