ELMA is very pleased to announced its membership to Two Sides, the print and paper advocacy group. 

ELMA’s vision is to be Europe’s centre of excellence and innovation for letterbox marketing and provide clients with superior resources, experience and knowledge, all in a sustainable format.

“We are delighted to become a member of Two Sides. As a letterbox marketing association, it is important to highlight the sustainability of our products. By joining Two Sides, we have access to a range of resources and facts that are great to help us communicate sustainability within our own business and to our customers.” says Mark Davies.

“Our partnership with ELMA will help us tell the great sustainable story of door drop mail, to consumers, to inform them about the environmental merits of print and paper. Welcoming new members on board is always a pleasure and we look forward to working with ELMA,” says Jonathan Tame, Managing Director of Two Sides UK.

By joining Two Sides, ELMA has access to a large library of co-brandable communications tools, consumer research, industry-leading information, sustainability advice, and events.

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