The Objective

One of many examples of a major online player making a major impact with direct mail to the customers’ door, the case of Adlibris demonstrates a strong response with high action value. Half of recipients visited or planned to visit the online retailer’s website.

Adlibris is one of the first and biggest actors in e-commerce in Sweden. Since 1997, the company’s aim has been to offer a wide range of stock, fast delivery and good prices on an easy-to-navigate website.

“We have risked trying out new things and we’ve risked failure, which I don’t think should be underestimated in driving development forward. In recent years, we’ve been working extremely hard to gather the insights and lessons we’ve learned and take the customer experience to the next level,” explains Daniéla Lund, marketing manager at Adlibris.

The Campaign

Trying out new things also included a classic method of reaching the company’s core target group. The idea of a magazine came about from the customer insight that lots of people are looking for a guide through the vast jungle of books to help them track down their next read. It’s a challenge for consumers that is familiar from many other industries.

“Naturally we wanted to give the magazine to our own customers, but it was also important to get it out to a wider audience, given that our target group is such a large proportion of the total population. The positive results show that the magazine has gone down really well and that direct mail was an excellent way to extend its reach,” says Daniéla Lund.

The survey was conducted by Research and Analysis of Media (RAM), and the results show that the magazine, which was issued in conjunction with the retailer’s book sale, created high action rates. After reading, just over 40 per cent of recipients acted by searching for more information online, engaging in discussions with others or making a purchase. Naturally, the content focused on prices and the range, but the magazine also featured inspiring content in the form of a guide.

The Results

The next magazine sent out two months later was a more brand-oriented product with articles and was intended to inspire. This had the outcome of increasing the amount of time spent reading the magazine, recipients appreciated the inspiration and reading figures rose by more than 20 per cent.

Basically, Adlibris delivers added value that boosts brand awareness and preference and strengthens the relationship with old and new stakeholders – with a positive impact on almost half of recipients. 

“These numbers are really exciting and show that this channel genuinely works for reaching our target group. It also shows that the magazine itself is delivering on its aims – inspiring the next read,” says Daniéla Lund.

The strategy is therefore a success, with Adlibris managing to deliver consumer value in the short and the long term – partly driving conversion ahead of the book sale and partly strengthening its position as the first choice of online book store looking further ahead.

“Our brand building activities seek to strengthen relations with existing customers but also naturally aim at gaining new ones. Of course, success depends on having high awareness, but it is also important that consumers have positive associations to the brand,” says Daniéla Lund.