As a retailer, The Entertainer has long used door drops effectively to drive to their retail stores. For the first time they wanted to test if door drop could do as good a job driving to their online retail site

The Objective

  • To prove that offline creative can drive consumers online
  • To prove that the catalogue would be equally effective in driving sales uplift online
  • To recruit new customers to

The Campaign

  • Towns were deliberately targeted that were over an hour’s drivetime from a branch of The Entertainer meaning the only access was online
  • These towns would also have had very poor brand awareness as previous advertising had not focused on these areas
  • A profile was drawn from The Entertainer’s customer database and overlaid in the targeted towns to identify the areas of best opportunity
  • Then a catalogue was distributed into those areas with the call to action being to visit

The Results

  • There was an overall uplift in online sales between 2009 and 2010 of 18.70% across the whole estate
  • However looking at the uplift in online sales in door dropped sectors there was an 64.22% uplift
  • A clear 45.52% additional uplift in door dropped areas.  In one area there was a 93.93% uplift from 2009 to 2010