McDonald's France and most specifically in Béziers wanted to respond to the aggressive arrival of a direct competitor within the catchment area of its restaurants. ​

The Objective

McDonald's Béziers commissioned the French ELMA member Adrexo to distribute 107,000 leaflets between 23 May to 2 June 2017 within the catchment area of 6 restaurants

The Campaign

The LINK leaflet was made up of 4 pages and included 12 promotional offers valid from 29 May to 14 July

The Results

Impact on McDonald's Reputation

An overall 75% adoption rate (25% of those polled declared that they liked the advertising very much)

86% recall rate from readers who remembered seeing the reduction coupons

Impact on McDonald's Brand Awareness

71% of readers found that the LINK leaflets projected a very positive brand image for McDonald’s

69% of readers found that they were more inclined to read the Mcdonald’s LINK leaflet over other leaflets.

Impact on Sales

Recruitment of new customers and incentive for purchase:  15% of non-McDonald’s customers said they wanted to use the coupons

Trial and adoption: 18.2% of people who received the McDonald’s LINK leaflet went to one of the 6 advertised restaurants and used the coupons