The Objective

To deliver user friendly and cost efficient campaign performance reports to clients. Penetrace is 100% created by Advertisers and Media Companies

The Campaign

Norpost provide to its clients a Performance Library, which outlines: 

The efficiency of the delivery / time saving / advanced benchmarking features / best practices and analytics

This is a perfect tool to upsell other media products.


Selection of consumers 18+ years

DM: 505 interviews + TV: 505 

We only register answers from people who have seen the campaign

The ones who have brand awereness answer the questions about the specific brand.

We measure how each media impacts sales 

The Results

  • Two channels TV and DM together helped to increase awareness of the brand
  • The single channel that had the greatest effect was DM.
  • TV didn't perform as well as the TV and DM combined

In practice, this means that the impact would have been less if some of the channels had been excluded