feibra GmbH
Altmannsdorferstrasse 329
1230 Vienna
Franz Hausleitner
Managing Director

Founded in 1963, feibra has been one of the leading distributors of non-addressed advertising for over 50 years.

Over this period of time, the company has grown to include 14 outlets,  180 full-time employees and up to 800 self-employed distributors, who deliver more than 700 million items per year.

In 2005, feibra was taken over by Österreichische Post AG and in 2011, the company was granted a license for the distribution of addressed and direct mail by the Austrian postal service regulator RTR.

feibra's motto has always been to offer speed and flexibility both in the planning and implementation of campaigns as well as exceptional quality via an internal and external validation process.



Our Services

In addition to its core competencies within door to door and addressed mail distribution, feibra also offers to its clients additional services such as:

  • Geomarketing (a combination of geographic and socio-demographic / socio-economic data to identify your best target market)
  • Consulting and mediation services for all creative design and production
  • Global promotional concepts such as sampling, door hangers and adhesive notes
  • Online advertising