Wave Media Communications Limited
Wave Media Communications Limited
Unit 71 – 72 Western Parkway Business Park, Ballymount, Dublin 12, D12 K721, Ireland

The Wave Media Communications Group was started to combine all the businesses that we operated to create a solution that covers all aspects of your communications strategy.

Our distribution network with over 300 in head count services our delivery businesses such as Leaflet Company Ireland, Segment Data Led Delivery, Leaflet Marketing Ireland and the Home Delivery Network. These businesses look after house-to-house delivery and also our B2B distribution services.

Wave Media Communications also services Ireland and mainland Europe including the UK for print management. These solutions cover a wide array of services including, but not limited to Lithographic, Digital printing, Signage, Packaging, Point of Sale, Promo and Merchandise. Our print management solution has no competitor as we do not outsource our delivery but use our internal print courier fleet to deliver and install printed materials. This enables us to deliver printed materials in record breaking timeframes.

Wave Media Communications also has one of the top data and audience profiling solutions in Ireland, enabling our clients to run data and match audiences to their customer base. Using our network of distributors, you are then able to distribute to current customers or acquisition targets directly. 

Our Services

Unaddressed Blanket Covering Distribution:

Shared Leaflet Delivery:
Our Shared Leaflet Distribution solution provides our clients with a cost-effective way of marketing to consumer households nationally in southern Ireland, whilst keeping costs to a minimum. You are matched with a maximum of 4 other non-competitive items.

Solus Leaflet Delivery:
Our Solus Leaflet Distribution solution provides your leaflet exclusivity nationally in Ireland. The costs are considerably higher than a shared distribution, and timescales are greater. However, this service is available nationally.

Data Led Distribution:
Utilising customer data from our clients, we can overlay layers by Eircodes or X and Y Coordinates centred over a household. This gives us coloured positional points to deliver to via our routing software. For example if you are a telecommunications provider and only want to hit selected homes, then you can send us these eircodes with their X and Y coordinates and we can deliver via our driver apps.

Mosaic Targeting:
Mosaic is a product by Experian with over 42 different demographic profiles which has data built into SAB “Small are boudary” zones. As it is used in both the UK and Ireland predominately for this marketing channel, it works well for targeting the same profiles from the UK into Ireland from an integration point of view.

B2B SME Commercial Distribution:
We can deliver to commercial premises via blanket covering or via a data led approach. We enter the reception area of a business and either drop 1 leaflet or multiple items depending on the clients needs.

FMCG Brand Sampling:
We can make any campaign bespoke in this area of our business. We can provide opt-in sampling services or a blanket covering approach into selected areas for your products and new launches.