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The Netherlands

Delivering over 5 billion unaddressed items in the Netherlands each year, Spotta is a long-time market leader in the door-to-door delivery in the Netherlands. With more than 23,000 distributors, Spotta's main product is the delivery of a sealed bag containing the most popular Dutch leaflets and catalogues.



Qualitative and sustainable door-to-door distribution

In 2020 Spotta became part of Beheersmaatschappij Arcis bv, a consortium with extensive experience in the graphic world. That same year, Arcis also acquired Axender, another distributor of door-to-door leaflets and brochures. The merger of Spotta and Axender was necessary to ensure this continuity. Continuity, quality and extended reach and efficiency were paramount in the integration. Shareholders wanted us to further develop both physical and digital products. Sustainability also plays an important role in all of this.

Our Services

Our core business is to manage the complex logistics necessary to give you the opportunity to communicate most effectively and accurately with your clients and prospects.

We can help you pinpoint your target market via the following distribution methods:

  • Standard Leaflet distribution (Saturday through to Monday)
  • Folderkiezer (personal selection of the available leaflets)
  • Leaflets in displays in shopping malls
  • Distribution of samples
  • Weekly Door-to-Door regional papers
  • Analysis - databases or geo-demographic

Spotta specializes in getting to the right consumer in your store via our multi-channel platforms. We help you pinpoint your target group accurately.

With selected partners, we have built a database system (containing lifestyle, demographic and socio demographic data et...) based upon not only our experience and know-how but also the most advanced techniques.

This provides you with the ideal combination of advanced marketing techniques plus the service of a reliable door-to-door and online provider which turns leads into a highly effective campaign.

With our experience, products and industry knowledge, we are the right partner for your direct marketing needs.