Mediapost (Portugal) SA
Cerro da Murta
Estrada do Cemitério Novo
Pav. Mediapost
2745-090 Queluz - Lisbon
Inês Fazenda
Directora General

With a stronghold in 3 major European markets (i.e France, Romania and Spain), the French La Poste group dedicated to Customer Centric Marketing consolidated its presence in Europe by opening Mediapost Portugal in 2008.

Since then Mediapost Portugal has led the way forward within both traditional print media and distribution activities but also within Digital Marketing and Data Marketing services. 

Through a network of 18 regional logistics platforms and solid Geomarketing expertise, Mediapost can cover all of Portugal territory with its door to door services providing maximum reliability and qualified distribution.

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Mediapost (Portugal) SA


Our Services

Mediapost offers the following dedicated services to advertisers: 

Door drop, Digital & Data Marketing, Geomarketing and Market Research

Control in the field is one critical element of the sucess of our clients' door drop campaigns. From leaflet production to the coding process followed by backchecks and supervisors reports, we offer a full Quality Control System.

Door drops are and should increasingly be a media more environmentally sustainable in comparison to other media. With this conviction in mind, we have drawn up our “useful guide to effective communication and sustainability” which is available to all of our customers and those involved directly or indirectly associated with our industry (transport, logistics, graphic, advertising agencies, designers etc).