Weber Escal d.o.o
Zastavnice 38a
10251 Hrvatski Leskovac

Founded in 1994, WEBER ESCAL d.o.o. is the first private Croatian company specialised in the distribution of unaddressed promotional materials such as leaflets, brochures, catalogues and samples. From  2007 until 2023, Weber Escal was part of the Österreichische Post AG group and it is currently 100% privately owned. 

With 39 distribution centers and a team of 260 full-time employees and 720 well qualified freelance distributors, we are the market leader and have the capacity to deliver unaddressed materials on a daily basis across the almost entire Croatian territory (current coverage is 84%). Also, our clients can order addressed distribution of direct mails and imprime info mail (postal items that contains books, magazines and similar printed materials).

Our mission is to provide our clients the best value for money through top distribution service which is guaranteed by our team’s knowledge, speed and precision. The teams are reachable via mobile phone at any point in time, which allows us to continuously track the progress of our clients’ campaigns.

Our Services


-         distribution of leaflets, catalogues and other promotional material into the mailboxes and/or any other space designated or suitable for delivering materials

-         street sampling - distribution in public places (squares, pedestrian zones, crossroads, in front of shopping centres)

-         doorhangers - distribution of promotional materials on front doors

-         Post-it stickers - distribution of stickers on the mailboxes


-         distribution of direct and printed mail in the mailboxes