Nearly two-thirds (63%) of recipients say mail attracts their undivided attention, finds a study from WARC and Royal Mail Marketreach.

Mail marketing appears to have a high engagement rate, with 80% of mail in envelopes opened by recipients. The average piece of mail is viewed just over twice during the week of receipt, and almost three-fifths (58%) is retained for future reference.

In terms of attention, recent analysis from JICMAIL (Joint Industry Committee for Mail) shows that business mail holds recipients’ attention for the most amount of time (150 seconds), followed by direct mail (108 seconds) and partially addressed mail (65 seconds).

In terms of mail’s impact on the funnel, the research finds that the average piece of mail persuaded 16% of recipients to consider the brand. Almost one in 10 report being prompted to carry out an action such as visiting a shop or website as a result of mail. On average, 5% of mail leads to a transaction.