As we prepare to publish our analysis at the end of an extraordinary year of turmoil caused by the global pandemic 2019 feels a very long time ago indeed. However it is important to remind ourselves of the comparative health of the channel that preceded the crisis. 2019 was generally a good year for the doordrop channel with modest growth in volume and media investment witnessed across the markets surveyed. Following on from the data legislation changes of 2018 this comes as no surprise for a channel that is GDPR-compliant by design and although digital investment continues to erode other traditional media, doordrop is proving more resilient. It is also getting more sophisticated with better measurement, new audience metrics and better comparative data available than ever before. With a focus on efficacy and attention we can prove transparently the value that the doordrop channel delivers to its advertisers ensuring it remains a trusted part of the marketing toolkit. 

Research from multiple markets underscore the impact, the longevity and the time spent with this channel. 91% of Belgians read their doordrop items spending on average 19 minutes a week reading them. In the UK, doordrops are looked at on average 3.2 times and are live in the home for an average of 6.9 days. In Austria, doordrops drive word of mouth as 66% of recipients tell relatives and friends about the information they have received. 

13 January 2021: ELMA publishes today its 10th year analysis of European door drop media spend and usage across 16 countries. 

  • Doordrop Media is still strong in spite of the increase in digital budgets
  • Total door drop volume across 16 markets is estimated at 97 billion items in 2019
  • Total door drop media spend across 16 markets is estimated at € 3.7bn in 2019

The largest volumes by country in 2019 remained the same as they were in 2018 i.e Germany followed by France,The Netherlands and Italy.

During 2019, 2 Scandinavian countries allocated the greatest percentage of advertising spend for door drop with Finland at 5.51%, followed by Denmark (4.90%) and then Austria (4.6%).

"Strong real world metrics that compare favourably with Facebook’s own statistics that an ad is looked at for on average 1.7 seconds in their News Feed on a mobile. A focus on the value versus the cost is where the doordrop channel will succeed and this will remain our focus in the years to come." commented Mark Davies, ELMA's Chairman.  

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